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About Me

Florian Posdziech headshot

My name is Florian Posdziech. I'm a trained physicist, amateur musician, podcaster, and am currently working as a backend developer for ioki in Frankfurt, Germany.

I like reggae music, baseball, fish tacos and beer. I've lived, studied and worked in the USA, Norway and Mexico. Maybe it shows.

Check my Now page to see what I'm up to at the moment.


The Block Ice Horn Section: A 4-man horn section playing Reggae and Ska music, most often with The Uplifters from Freiburg.

Dolby Frontal: A rock cover band based in Heidelberg.


Several Ways To Live (in Mexico City): An English podcast that I record together with my friend Nick Farr. It used to be about Mexican food and culture. Now it's something else.

Tacos und Limetten: A German podcast where I talk to fellow expats in Mexico City.

Cultural Comments - der C3S-Podcast: A German podcast by and for the C3S, an upcoming alternative to the GEMA.

Der Posdcast: My newest one. We'll have to wait and see what it is going to become.

More of my stuff on the interwebs