About Me

My name is Florian Posdziech. I was born and raised in Germany, and went to school there, the USA and Norway. I currently live in Mexico City, Mexico.

I’ve been a student, researcher, IT consultant, bike courier, tutor, teacher, system administrator and web developer. Nowadays, I mostly develop Django and Python apps.

Check my Now page to see what I'm up to at the moment.


I am an avid podcast listener. My recommendations are: Hardcore History by Dan Carlin (especially the WW1 and Djingis Khan series), The Poscast (pure sillyness), and in German, of course Logbuch:Netzpolitik.

I also produce podcasts of my own: Cultural Comments – the C3S podcast and Tacos und Limetten, about Mexico. Newest addition to this list is Several Ways To Live In Mexico City, an English speaking podcast about life and food in Mexico.


Technologies, tools and services that I am currently working with (in descending order of fun):

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Operating systems I can tolerate: