A new toy

Yesterday I finally managed to by a power supply for the guitar-multi-effect-gismo I lended from a friend. This one here: Fun thing that happend at the electronics store: On the power supply's packaging it was not noted, whether it provides AC or DC current. So I asked someone from the store's staff: "Well, does it provide AC or DC current?" - "Why? Does it matter?" is what he answered...

So last night before the rehearsal I tried out the Korg thingy, attaching it to the rehearsal room PA and a Shure microphone. It works. Although it is quite hard to hear the effects when you're playing the trombone at the same time, I am pretty sure I will use it on stage soon. Some details maybe: The Korg needs a 9V DC power supply. It has one input and one to two (stereo anyone?) output plugs, and one for a volume pedal. I am not sure how good the built-in pre-amplifier works. I'll have to test it some more. Testing will hopefully be easy as the gismo also has a headphone output which I can plug directly into my Macbook and record it. Maybe that way I can asses the different sounds.

There is another device sitting on my desk at the moment:

But I don't know yet, if it works. Next week maybe.

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