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What I've learned about the Irish

I spent the last few days in Dublin, Ireland, visiting a very good friend of mine. These are a few observations I made during my stay:

  • The Irish consider themselves much less European than I had thought.
  • Mainland Europe is simply called "Europe".
  • They hate the English.
  • Until recently, Ireland had been living in the Middle Ages, as is accurately portrayed in the 1991 movie The Commitments.
  • They frickin' love The Commitments.
  • Germans are forgiven for not knowing anything about Rugby.
  • I have a better chance of catching an SC Freiburg match in Dublin than I do in Mannheim.
  • They know how to make a good breakfast.
  • They call Americano an Americano.
  • Guinness is owned by big alcohol and employs mob tactics to block other beer makers from getting their products into pubs.
  • Irish pub culture is as strong and real as it is advertised. Loving it!