serving society

Dude. I service society by rocking! I'm out there on the front lines, liberating people with my music. Rockin' ain't no walk in the park, lady!

Jack Black in "School of Rock"

Tolle Dinge in Deutschland

Im Juli waren wir auf Deutschlandbesuch. Dort sind mir natürlich viele gute Dinge aufgefallen. Gute Dinge, die es teilweise nur dort gibt, und sicher nicht in Mexiko:

Was es nicht gibt:

Too Good To Be Good

This New York Times article makes some very good observations that are not only true for the "upscale Polanco neighboorhood":

Waiters will grab a plate from under your fork.


30 servers searched for someone to serve among the restaurant's 15 diners.


In other words: Behind every obsequious waiter is an arrogant customer.

Some interesting information I didn't know before but, judging from my own observations, have no doubt are true:

The World Economic Forum says Mexico has the second highest level of income inequality among 35 nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The 10 percent of Mexico's population with the highest income use more than one-third of the nation's resources, while the bottom 10 percent use less than 2 percent.

That's one crazy country.

Code, code, code

A plain and short post by Daniel Roy Greenfeld about how to get better at coding: Code, Code, Code.

Reminds of the cardinal rule of long-distance running: You learn how to run only by running.

Cooperations don't want employees

The only reason hundreds of millions of people in the United States---and elsewhere in the world as well---have jobs at all, is because companies have not yet solved the problem of human employment. -- Daniel Miessler