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Training week Juli 30 to August 5

Since my training log project is going nowhere, I might as well log my training here, if just for a few weeks.

After a 11 day training break due to Covid I have to ramp back up slowly into my ongoing volume cycles of clean & press and one-handed club swinging. I am also trying to start a cycle of Goblet squats in order to add ... more squats to my training. I think I need them.

Day Exercise Weights and reps timing / notes
Sat KB Clean & Press 16kg x 8 x 3/3/2/2/1/1* start every 2:30min (~60s rest)
Goblet Squat 16kg x 10 x 4 EMOM
Sun Swim 400m A day at the pool. Not a workout, but active and fun.
Mon Run 6.7km hilly with an offroad section
Tue Single Arm Inside Circle 6kg x 10 x 5/5
Single Arm Outside Circle 6kg x 10 x 5/5
Single Arm Shield Cast 6kg x 10 x 5/5
Wed Run 6.6km hot!
Thu KB Clean & Press 16kg x 9 x 3/3/2/2/1/1 start every 2:30min (~60s rest)
"FlowFX Heel Drop Complex"** 20kg x 5 x 3/3 start every 90s (~30s rest)
Fri Run 7.3km

*: 3 rung reverse ladder goes 3 left, 3 right, 2 left, 2 right, 1 left, 1 right
**: x reps of slow (!) heel drops with a bent knee, then x reps with a straight knee. Repeat on the other side. KB is held on the side that's doing the drops. Full range of motion, but don't hold the bottom stretch (my damaged achilles tendon doesn't like that).


Training mats, a kettlebell, and the view outside.

Saturday's warmup with a 16kg kettlebell: Around the world (2 x 20/20), Halo (2 x 5/5), Around the world front to back (10 x 1/1), Halo Goblet Squat (10 reps).